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Major Events

This page introduces major events of Hiroshima City from Jan. to Dec. 2017.

Event Oyster Festivals (Kaki Matsuri)
Oyster Festival (Kaki Matsuri), Hiroshima
Outline The harvest season for oysters, Hiroshima's signature delicacy, is celebrated with fun events held at various locations across the prefecture.
Date Feb.-Mar.
Place Various locations across Hiroshima Prefecture
Event Hana no Mawari-Michi (Cherry Blossom Viewing in Hiroshima)
Hana no Mawarimichi, Cherry Blossom Viewing in Hiroshima
Outline For a week in April, the Hiroshima Branch of the Japan Mint opens its grounds to the public, offering visitors a chance to stroll through and admire its grove of blooming cherry trees, among which are unique varieties rarely seen elsewhere.
Date Mid-late Apr.
Place Japan Mint Hiroshima Branch
Event Hiroshima Flower Festival
Hiroshima Flower Festival
Outline This is the major event during Golden Week alive with flower, green and music.
Date Wed. May 03-Fri. May 05
Place Peace Boulevard (Heiwa Odori), Peace Memorial Park
Event Toukasan Festival
Toukasan Festival, Hiroshima
Outline It's proud of more than 380 years history. People in Hiroshima are supposed to begin wearing their yukata from this day on. This festival is famous for marking the coming of summer. Streets lined with numerous stalls will be crowded with people wearing yukata.
Date Fri. Jun. 02-Sun. Jun. 04
Place Enryuji Temple (Mikawa-cho, Naka Ward), All along the Chuo-dori Ave.
Event Yukata Festival(Yukata de Kinsai)
Yukata de Kinsai, Hiroshima
Outline This is the participatory summer festival. The key word is "Walk in yukata, dance in yukata, play in yukata" .
Date Fri. Jun. 02-Sun. Jun. 04
Place Central Hiroshima City including Chuo-dori Ave.
Event Hiroshima Bay Night Cruises
Hiroshima Bay Night Cruises
Outline A wide variety of cruise plans are available, ranging from the luxurious "Galaxy," whose dining options include a sumptuous multi-course dinner and a barbecue meal, to highly affordable short cruises.
Date Jul. - Aug.
Place Departures from Hiroshima Port
Event Firefly festival in Yuki Hot Spring
Outline In Yuki Hot Spring neighborhood and in some parts of the town, firefly such as Luciola Cruciata, Luciola Lateralis, and rare species Hot aria Parvula can be seen from the middle of the June to the middle of the July. Please enjoy mystery of nature and fantastic firefly show.
Date To be announced
Place Yuki Hot Spring hotel district, Nishi Kominkan (Yuki-cho, Saeki Ward)
Event Fireworks Display at Hiroshima Port (Hiroshima Minato Yume Hanabi Taikai)
Fireworks Display at Hiroshima Port
Outline About 10,000 fireworks such as bottle rockets and water fireworks will color night sky beautifully.
Date Sat. Jul. 22
Place Hiroshima Port 10,000 ton class berth
Event Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
Outline It is held in the Peace Memorial Park, to comfort the souls of the many victims of the A-bomb and to pray for lasting world peace.
Date Sun. Aug. 06
Place Peace Memorial Park
Event Lantern Floating Ceremony (Tourou Nagashi)
Lantern Floating Ceremony, Hiroshima
Outline Some 10,000 colorful lanterns bearing prayerful words for peace will be floated in the rivers in Hiroshima city including Motoyasugawa-river.
Date Sat. Aug. 06
Place Motoyasu-gawa River etc.
Event Hiroshima Castle Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Hiroshima Castle Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Outline Some 2,000 pots of chrysanthemum flowers of different blossom types are on display, including those planted in a special flowerbed 10 meters in diameter. The chrysanthemum flowers will also be sold in this Exhibition.
Date Late Oct. - The middle of Nov
Place Hiroshima Castle Second Compound, Third Compound
Event Hiroshima Food Festival
Hiroshima Food Festival
Outline Local dishes from across the prefecture will be available in one place during this two-day celebration of Hiroshima's culinary treasures. The event will provide live stage entertainment in addition to featuring an amazing number of food stands offering the tastes of Hiroshima.
Date Late Oct.
Place Hiroshima Castle and its surroundings
Event Hiroshima Dreamination
Hiroshima Dreamination
Outline The downtown area in Hiroshima city will be decorated with various colored lights. Hiroshima Dreamination will light up the winter nights of Hiroshima with warm illumination.
Date The middle of Nov. - The beginning of Jan.
Place Central Hiroshima City
Event Ebisuko Festival
Ebisuko Festival
Outline People including merchant families pray for prosperity in their business and worship Ebisu (god of merchant).The sales campaign will also be held.
Date Sat. Nov. 18-Mon. Nov. 20
Place Ebisu Shrine and neighboring shopping street(Hondori Shopping Street, and Ebisu-cho Shopping Street)

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