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Rice Wine (sake made in Saijo)

The taste of sake changes depending on the elements contained in local water, or on whether it is made from hard water or soft water.
Generally, it is said that sake becomes dry when made from hard water, and sweet when soft water is used. Many types of sake in Hiroshima are the latter kind.

The taste of sake varies according to brand and product class, representing the style of each brewer. (This is where each maker can show their skills.) Since various types of sake are served in one restaurant, restaurant staff will recommend several brands if you let them know your taste.

Among Hiroshima’s brewers, Kamotsuru Sake Brewing Company, Kamoizumi Shuzou Co., Ltd. and Miyake Honten Sake Brewery Co Ltd., which brews a well-known sake brand “Senpuku”, are popular.

In Saijo, a well-known sake production district in Hiroshima, many white walled rice wine warehouses with 400-year histories stand side by side.
In the sake brewing season, the scent of sake wafts faintly through the air.

Every autumn, the Sake Festival is held all around Saijo station. Crowds of tourists come to taste samples of locally brewed sake from across Japan, and enjoy local dishes.

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