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We have been offering the Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi LAN Service!

The City of Hiroshima has been offering free public LAN service (Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi and Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Lite) around Hiroshima City.

  Reset  Intervals Limitation of Use
Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Every 30 minutes No Limitation
Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Lite
Every 15 minutes 4 times/day (60 minutes in total)

ENJOY! HIROSHIMA! with Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi
Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi

  1. (Locations):

    87 locations (144Free Wi-Fi Hotspots ) 〔at the date of 9 February 2017〕

  2. Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Access Point Map

    View Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Access Point Map アクセスポイント地図 in a larger map


    Air Port
    Hiroshima Airport (in the arrival and departure lobbies and in the boarding area)

    Hiroshima City
    ○Sightseeing Locations
    Atomic Bomb Dome
    Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (1F Free Rest Lounge (Aogiri), and part of the entrance lobby)
    International Conference Center Hiroshima (1F International Exchange Lounge)
    Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima (3F concourse)
    Memorial Cathedral for World Peace (entrance vicinity)
    Shukkeien (souvenir shop vicinity)
    Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum (1F main lobby)
    Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (1F entrance)
    Hiroshima City Manga Library (2F reading room)
    Hiroshima Castle (Castle Tower 5F)
    The Former Bank of Japan Hiroshima Branch(1F multipurpose hall)
    Hiroshima City Cultural Exchange Hall (Bunka Koryu Kaikan) (1F front desk lobby)
    Aster Plaza (Hiroshima International Youth House) (1F general counter vicinity)
    RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima (All Day Dining Luore, 1F Lobby, 3F Lobby)

    ○Areas Surrounding Sightseeing Locations
    -Hiroshima Station-
    Hiroshima Station South Exit Square
    JR Hiroshima Station south exit underground plaza Tourist Information Center (vicinity)

    -Peace Memorial Park-
    Peace Memorial Park Rest House [Tourist Information Center]
    Caffe Ponte

    Kamiya-cho Shareo (central plaza vicinity)
    Motomachi CRED Pacela Fureai Plaza (Big Screen vicinity)
    Hiroshima Train Vert Building (Basement Floor 1 Entrance Area)

    Hondori Shopping Street
    Kinzagai Shopping Street
    Ebisu-dori Shopping Street
    Urabukuro Shopping Street
    Don Quijote Hiroshima Hatchobori (1F main entrance vicinity)
    Alice Garden

    -Street car-
    Hiroshima Station (Streeetcar stop)
    Genbaku Dome-mae (Atomic Bomb Dome) (Streetcar stop)
    Hondori (Streetcar stop)
    Fukuro-machi (Streetcar stop)
    Dobashi (Streetcar stop)
    Yokogawa Station (Streetcar stop)
    Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima (Streetcar stop)

    Hiroshima Bus Center (Third Floor Concourse Waiting Room , Area around Departure Terminal 3)
    Hiroshima Sightseeing Loop Bus "Hiroshima meipuru~pu"
    CHUGOKU JR Bus reserved bus (1 bus)

    Port of Hiroshima-Ujina Passenger Terminal (1F waiting area)
    Super Jet "MIYAJIMA" (Hiroshima-Kure-Matsuyama sea route)
    Cruise Ferry "SHIMANTOGAWA" (Hiroshima-Kure-Matsuyama sea route)
    High Speed Ship "OYASHIO" (Hiroshima-Miyajima sea route)

    Hatsukaichi City
    Square in front of Miyajima pier
    Arinoura (Miyajima Clinic vicinity)
    Nishinomatsubara (W.C next to Daiganji temple vicinity)
    Second Miyajima (Miyajimaguchi-Miyajima sea route)
    Itsukushima (Miyajimaguchi-Miyajima sea route)
    Miyajima (Miyajimaguchi-Miyajima sea route)
    Ferry "Miyajima" (Miyajimaguchi-Miyajima sea route)

    Higashihiroshima City
    Higashihiroshima City Tourist Information Center
    Saijo Sakagura-dori Tourist Information Center

    Kure City
    Yamato Museum (entrance)
    Kure Visitors Center

    Mihara City
    Minato Oasis Mihara
    Ukishiro lobby tourisut office

    Etajima City
    Furusato Exchange Center (Etajima City Tourist Information Center)
    Mitaka Port
    Koyo Port
    Kirikushi-Nishioki Port
    Nakamachi Port

    Takehara City
    Takehara tourist information center
    Town Preservation Center at Takehara City
    Tadanoumi station
    Tadanoumi port

    Akioota Town
    Sandankyo Front Gate
    Mizunashi Gate
    Roadside station : Raimu-togochi
    Ini Tanada
    Osorakan Snow Park

    Fukuyama City
    Tomonoura Museum of History and Folklore
    Fukuyama Ferry Landing
    Fukuyama Tourism Information Center
    Fukuyama Station Bus Information Center
    Tomonoura Tourist Information Center

    Onomichi City
    Onomichi Station Tourist Information Center (Inside Waiting Room)
    Onomichi Municipal Central Parking Lot(Multipurpose Hall)(Inside Multipurpose Hall,Near the Entrance)
    Shin Onomichi Station Civic Gallery (Civic Gallery,Shops)
    Ropeway Sanroku StationTourist Information Center (Around Information Counter)
    Roadside Station Crossroad Mitsugi (Shopping Area, Restaurant Hall,Information Corner)
    Setoda Port

    Iwakuni City
    Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport
    Iwakuni Station
    Iwakuni Shirohebi Museum

    Akitakata City
    Akitakata-shi museum of history and folklore

    Miyoshi City
    Miyoshi City Traffic & Tourist Information

    Fuchu City

  3. (Useful App):

    Adventure Travel on the Wi-Fi
    Download the app here

    Adventure Travel on the Wi-Fiアイ.png

    This app provides information on tourist spots, dining, Wi-Fi spots, etc. in Hiroshima city.
    Tourism information etc. can be received automatically in Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi areas.

・Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi
Download the app here

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fiバナー(B.jpg

This app allows you to quickly search among 95,000 Wi-Fi access points, including the Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi spots, and easily connect upon entering the service area.

(Omotenashi Services):

Trial services during the Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Project Field Test.

Photo Circle
A service that allows you to take photos of yourself.

Live Camera
View live footage from around Hiroshima.

(How to use):

*Please follow the “Usage registration instructions” below.
How to sign up to use Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi (for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) (PDF)

Prepare the appropriate Wi-Fi devices.
1. On the Wi-Fi settings screen of your device, please select SSID “Hiroshima_Free_Wi-Fi”.
2. When you open the web browser (Internet Explorer, etc.) the usage registration screen will show. (For language options other than Japanese, select the appropriate language here.) 
3. After confirming the Terms of Service, tap “I agree”.
4. Enter your name and e-mail address.
5. After confirming the security level, tap “I agree”.
6. After connecting to the internet the Hiroshima City tourism information website (Hiroshima Navigator) English page will automatically open. (To view other pages, you may visit your bookmarked pages or enter the URL for the page you want to go to.)

『히로시마 무료 Wi-Fi 』이용 등록 순서(PDF)

『Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi』的使用注册流程(PDF)

『Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi(廣島免費無線網路)』使用登記流程(PDF)

How to sign up to use Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Lite(PDF)

“Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Lite”的使用注册流程(PDF)

히로시마 무료 Wi-Fi Lite』이용 등록 순서(PDF)

『Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Lite(廣島免費無線網路)』使用登記流程(PDF)

ขั้นตอนการลงทะเบียนเพื่อใช้บริการฟรี “Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Lite”(PDF)

  1. (7 languages supported):

    We offer service in English, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Korean, Fench, Thai and Japanese.

(Service Information):

-Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi
For better security, usage is limited to 30-minute blocks. (You may re-connect to use as many times a day as you like.) Once you have registered for usage, you may use the internet from the above areas without re-registering for two weeks.
-Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Lite
For better security, usage is limited to 15-minute blocks. (You may re-connect to use up to 4 times a day, for a total of 60 minutes.) You must re-register each time you re-connect.
-Service may be stopped without advance notice for maintenance, etc.
-Our service filters content to prevent access to harmful websites.
-It may be necessary to change wireless network settings for devices with set wireless LAN settings.

(Terms of Service):

Our service uses the internet connection service offered by the city-commissioned NTT Broadband Platform Inc., for which you must agree to the Terms of Service.
-Free Internet Connection Terms of Service (PDF)


In order for tourists from abroad and everyone else to be able to easily use internet without extra settings, our service does not use a WEP key. We ask you to please understand this and use the service at your own risk.
-Wireless LAN Security (PDF)

(The goal of Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi):

This initiative is held with the goal of increasing the ease of use and satisfaction level for tourists from abroad visiting Hiroshima City, promoting Hiroshima's "hospitality tourism" with the expectation of bringing more tourists from abroad to visit and stay in Hiroshima.


Tourism Promotion Division, Tourism Policy Department
Economic Affairs and Tourism Bureau
The City of Hiroshima