Oyster Dishes

Oysters, a Hiroshima delicacy.

Six rivers flow through Hiroshima City. These rivers carry nutrient-rich sediment from the mountains to Hiroshima Bay, making the abundant shellfish tasty and nutritious.
Hiroshima’s oysters, otherwise known as ""the milk of the sea,"" account for 60% of Japan’s oyster production. Oysters are in season from November through to February, but harvesting actually begins in September.

Oysters can be enjoyed at most restaurants in Hiroshima.

Oyster festivals are held during the oyster season in various areas every year, One very popular event is the Miyajima oyster festival, where oysters can be bought directly from producers, and where freshly-landed oysters can be tasted.

Namagaki (Raw Oysters)
Namagaki (Raw Oysters)

To appreciate their true flavor, oysters are best enjoyed fresh in their own shell.
Their have a clean flavor and a mouth-watering texture.

Yakigaki (Grilled Oysters)
Yakigaki (Grilled Oysters)

Grilled oysters are not an elaborate dish, it is simply grilling oysters in their shell, but hot grilled oysters are delicious and fragrant.
Though they can be enjoyed on their own, or with soy sauce, with lemon, or with other seasonings, they always have an exceptional flavor.

Other Oyster Dishes
Other Oyster Dishes

In addition to raw and grilled oysters, there are other mouth-watering dishes, such as deep-fried oysters, oyster stew, steamed oysters and oyster rice.