Hiroshima City Bicycle Sharing Peacecle

"Peacecle" is an automated "point-to-point" bicycle rental service available at more than 17 stations throughout Hiroshima city.

If you use a rental bicycle, you can arrive at sightseeing spots faster.

  By train and walk By bicycle
From Hiroshima Sta. to Hiroshima Castle 15min 8min
From Hiroshima Sta. to Peace Memorial Park 20min 12min
From Hiroshima Sta. to Atomic Bomb Dome 18min 10min

You can buy 1-day pass at a Peacecle office and Kiosk(unattended machine) .
The office accepts cash, credit cards. The kiosks are for credit cards or transportation IC cards (ICOCA, Suica, etc.) . They do not accept cash.
For more details on Peacecle, visit here.