Hiroshima Free Wi-Fiで広島をもっと楽しもう!

Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi is Hiroshima’s free public Wi-Fi service.

This service is provided with the aim of enabling foreign visitors to have a better experience in Hiroshima and promote our city’s tourism policy with hospitality.

Service Outline

Service Outline

  • ・Free to use
  • ・Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi  30 minutes per session, unlimited sessions per day. Register once and you are not required to register again for 365 days.
  • ・Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Lite
    15 minutes per session, 4 sessions per day. Registration necessary for each session.
How do I use it?
Where can I use it?

Where can I use it?

  • Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima Castle, Miyajima and other major sightseeing spots, main transport terminals and shopping arcades.
  • Area List >>>>

Important Notes

  • -Our service uses the internet connection service offered by the city-commissioned NTT Broadband Platform Inc., for which you must agree to the Terms of Service.
    Free Internet Connection Terms of Service
  • -Service may be stopped without advance notice for maintenance, etc.
  • -Our service filters content to prevent access to harmful websites.
  • -It may be necessary to change wireless network settings for devices with set wireless LAN settings.
  • -In order to preserve ease of use, this service does not use WEP key security settings. Furthermore, in order to protect children from harmful content, access to certain websites has been limited. We ask that you keep these points in mind when using this service.
  • -Available in 7 languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, French, Thai, Japanese
  • -Please view the video below to see how it can help you get more from Hiroshima.
  • No01
    ~ How to get to Peace Memorial Park from Hiroshima Station.~
    ~Let’s enjoy taking a stroll around Hiroshima.~
  • No03
    ~Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park~
    ~Enjoy a quaint traditional Japanese garden.~

Hospitality Promotion Division, Tourism Policy Department, Economic Affairs and Tourism Bureau, City of Hiroshima
TEL (+81)82-504-2676 FAX (+81)82-504-2253
E-mail kanko-omo@city.hiroshima.lg.jp

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