Sunsets and Night Views
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Sunsets and Night Views
  • 2days,1night
Hirao Town | Kaminoseki Town | Waki Town
This itinerary will introduce you to some of the best scenic spots in Hiroshima and Yamaguchi Prefectures accessible by car. Make sure you take a camera to capture the beauty of the islands and calm deep blue waters of the Seto Inland Sea - known by many as Japan's Mediterranean.


From Yanai Station to Oboshiyama Observation Deck

By Rental Car : 30 mins

Hirao Town
Oboshiyama Observation Deck
This platform on the summit of Mount Oboshiyama is famed for its panoramic views of the Seto Inland Sea. On a good day, you can see both Kyushu and Shikoku islands. This is the ideal place to come if you're hoping to catch a beautiful sunset.
Setouchi Colatura Fish Sauce
Setouchi Colatura Fish Sauce
Using only the finest natural ingredients and freshly-caught anchovies off the coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture, each bottle of Setouchi Colatura fish sauce takes one year to make. This fermented fish sauce is fast becoming a hit among foodies from all over Japan.


From the hotel in Yanai City to Iwaishima Hirasan no Ishizuni Tanada Rice Terraces

By Rental Car : 10 mins to Michi no Eki "Kaminoseki-Kaikyo"

On Foot : 3 mins to Yanai Port

By Ferry : 70 mins to Iwaishima (departs at 9:30 AM and arrives at 10:40 AM)

On Foot : 60 mins

Kaminoseki Town
Iwaishima Hirasan no Ishizuni Tanada Rice Terraces
Iwaishima is a tiny heart-shaped island off the south-east coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture. This tranquil island is worth a visit if you want to enjoy life at a relaxed and leisurely pace. One famous attraction on the island is Mr Taira's Terraced Field - so called because Mr. Taira took it upon himself to carve these fields out of the mountain by hand, arranging rocks and boulders to form its high walls. The view from these fields are stunning.
From Iwaishima Hirasan no Ishizuni Tanada Rice Terraces to Industrial factories night view

On Foot : 60 mins to Iwaishima

By Ferry : 70 mins to Yanai Port (departs at 12:30PM and arrives at 1:40PM)

On Foot : Michi no Eki "Kaminoseki-Kaikyo"

By Rental Car : 60 mins

Waki Town
Industrial factories night view
The night view of the industrial complex on the banks of the Oze River that separates Hiroshima Prefecture from Yamaguchi Prefecture has become a focus for fans of night photography. The lights inside the complex transform this site into an intriguing canvas for some spectacular night shots. Of definitew interest to any adventurous photographers.


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