Enjoy the Great Outdoors
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Enjoy the Great Outdoors
  • 2days,1night
Akiota Town | Kita-Hiroshima Town
Follow this itinerary to fully enjoy the pristine nature of the great outdoors. You will also be introduced to the 'farmhouse B&B' - a great alternative to hotels where you can get to know your hosts and enjoy your surroundings at a deeper level.


From Hiroshima JCT to Sandan-kyo Ravine

By Rental Car : From Hiroshima JCT (17 km via the Hiroshima Expressway)

From Hiroshima-Kita JCT (12 km via the Chugoku Expressway)

From Kake-Smart IC to Togouchi (5.5 km via the Chugoku Expressway) (10 mins)

Akiota Town
This picturesque gorge runs through the mountains northwest of Hiroshima City. The lush greens of spring and the golden hues of the autumn leaves makes this a popular spot for ramblers and nature-lovers looking for a break from the city. The walking route takes you upstream and through to some breathtaking waterfalls and crevasses - the highlight being the famous three-tiered waterfall. Halfway up, a short ferryboat ride will take you across the river to the Kurobuchiso, where you can enjoy the local delicacy of river fish roasted over an open fire. Accessible by buses from Hiroshima City, Sandankyo Gorge is the perfect getaway for people yearning for a quick taste of the countryside.
From Sandan-kyo Ravine to Noka Minshuku(Farmhouse B&B - Minshuku Alpenya)

By Rental Car : From Sandan-kyo Ravine (18km via Japan National Route 191)


Kita-Hiroshima Town
Noka Minshuku(Farmhouse B&B - Minshuku Alpenya)
Noka Minshuku(Farmhouse B&B - Minshuku Alpenya)
In this farmhouse B&B, you can experience the peace and tranquility of this area of woutstanding natural beauty. This farmhouse B&B is located within a national nature conservation park. At an altitude of 800m, it enjoys the same climate as Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island, from spring to autumn. In winter, ski resorts open up in the surrounding area.
By using the Farmhouse B&B system as opposed to hotels you have the chance to really get to know your hosts - many of whom go out of their way to ensure their guests have a memorable stay. Perfect if you want a personal introduction to the local area. In the Alpenya, they offer a special dinner - a hotpot flavored with homemade 'doburoku' rice wine. They also offer workshops where you can make your own doburoku.


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