Peace Memorial Park

This park was constructed as a commemorative facility in accordance with the Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law promulgated in August 1948, under the project to make the whole neighborhood of the Nakajima district into a symbol of ever-lasting peace and a recreation area for citizens. Subsequently, the park was renovated into its current design in preparation of the 50th anniversary of the A-bombing.

The park, including the A-bomb Dome area, occupies an area of 122,100 m2. In February 2007, this park was designated as a place of scenic beauty in Japan for the first time among the parks renovated after World War II.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in this park on August 6 every year.


〒730-0081 Nakashima-cho and Ohte-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City
Take the Hiroshima Electric Railway from Hiroshima Sta. and get off at Genbaku Dome-mae Sta or Hon-dori Sta.
Get on a city loop bus "Hiroshima Meipuru~pu" and get off at "Peace Memorial Park (Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum)" bus stop.