Hiroshima Toshogu Shrine

Shrine dedicated to the spirit of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Built in 1648 by Mitsuakira, the second lord of the Asano clan. A large festival was held every fifty years. The front and main shrines were burned to ashes by the atomic bomb, but the karamon (Chinese-style gate)and transept remained.

【What's Futabanosato Historical Walking Trail ?】
The history of Hiroshima began more than 400 years ago during the Period of Warring States, when Terumoto Mori built a castle on a delta and named the area "Hiroshima".
Successive lords Terumoto Mori, Masanori Fukushima and the Asano clan erected shrines and temples to the northeast of the castle, in the Futabanosato area, in order to defend the domain.

Some historical shrines and temples on the Walking Trail, which has a long history going back 1000 years, were burned to ashes in the atomic bombing. However, these were rebuilt, and convey the history of our ancestors to this day.


〒732-0057 2-1-18 Futabanosato, Higashi-Ward, Hiroshima-city
10 minutes walk from Hiroshima Station’s Shinkansen entrance



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