Numaji Transportation Museum

Numaji Transportation Museum is the only science museum in the Chugoku/Shikoku Region to include land, air and sea vehicles as part of its overall transportation theme. The museum, with a collection of approximately 2,000 scale model vehicles in its second-floor exhibition hall, displays the transformation of vehicles and transportation over the years from the past to the present.

The spacious atrium that spans the third and fourth floors includes "Vehicle City", which, at a diameter of 20 meters, is one of Japan's largest transportation dioramas, allowing visitors to control a wide variety of vehicles through levers and buttons. Visitors may also peruse books about vehicles and transportation and view video materials in the first floor library and its video booths. The open-air square also offers "Fun Bikes" (requiring a separate rental fee), along with the "Atomic Bomb Train" display, which teaches us a solemn lesson about the great importance of peace.

Plus, with weekend and holiday arts and crafts classes and movie clubs, science shows and more, this museum, where one can have a lot of fun while learning a lot about vehicles and transportation, is truly an appealing place to visit.


〒731-0143 2-12-2 Chorakuji, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
(Tickets for Exhibition Rooms and Fun Bikes are available until 16:30.)
(*The museum is open on national holidays. When Monday falls on a holiday, the museum is, as a general rule, closed the following Tuesday and Wednesday.)
The next weekday after a holiday.
Year-End/New Year (December 29th~January 3rd)
Occasional temporary closures.
A 5-minute walk from "Chorakuji Station", accesible by taking a Hiroshima Electric Railway streetcar to "Hondori Station" and then switching to the Astram Line.
Admission to the museum's first floor and open-air square is free of charge. There is a fee for admission to the museum's second floor.
Adults-510 yen; Senior citizens (aged 65 years and over) and High school student 250 yen
Groups (30 or more):
Adults-400 yen; K-12 Students-200 yen
30-minute Fun Bike rental: 100 yen; Battery Cart (1 time): 100 yen
※We offer discounts for patrons using the Astram Line.



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