Mitaki-dera Temple [Soshin Kannon Hall, Bell Tower, Inari Shrine, Sanki Gongen Hall and Chinju Shrine]

The precincts of Mitaki-dera Temple contain several wooden structures scattered across a valley. These include Soshin Kannon Hall, a bell tower, Inari Shrine, Sanki Gongen Hall, and Chinju Hall. Most date from around the late 19th century. The buildings are located 3.18 km (for Inari Shrine) to 3.30 km (for Chinju Hall) from the hypocenter of the August 6, 1945 atomic bombing. Structural damage was great, due to the bomb blast rising up the slopes of the valley. The main hall sustained damage to its roof and fittings. It was completely rebuilt in 1968 after stopgap measures proved insufficient.


411 Mitakiyama, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima
Take a JR Kabe Line train from Yokogawa Station to Mitaki Station and walk 20 minutes.



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