Gangi Taxi

Gangi Taxis are river taxis that operate on Hiroshima's river delta by using the numerous "stepped piers" called Gangi that are found on Hiroshima's river banks.

For just 500円 the company offers 10 minute cruises to many locations in Hiroshima City including the beautiful Shukeien; a traditional Japanese garden. For a slightly higher fee, customers can opt for many other courses, including cruising down the river from Peace Park to the Kyoubashi Open Café for only 1500円. (For details on other courses, please see inquiries below.)

You can board the taxis from Gangis located on the cities river banks. Please inquire for more details.

Note: Operation times of the taxis are affected by the river tides. Pease inquire beforehand. Reservations are necessary on weekdays.

Inquiries to: NPO Houjin Gangi-gumi +81-82-230-5537


NPO Hounin Gangi-gumi



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