Miyajima Workmanship,Dippers

Miyajima workmanship, or Miyajima's traditional handicrafts, produces various types of tableware including chopsticks, round trays, square trays, wooden spatulas and butter spreaders, as well as miniature handiwork of structures such as Torii gates and a five-story pagoda. Particularly, Miyajima workmanship offers a wide variety of dippers (for scooping boiled rice into a bowl) varying both in size and intended purposes, ranging from practical dippers to decorative dippers with various prayers on them.

Scooping boiled rice is "me-shi-to-ru" in Japanese. Since this is a homonym of another Japanese phrase meaning "conquering the enemy", dippers are used for souvenirs as bringers of good luck. The words meaning "wish for gaining victory" in Japanese are written on the dipper, praying for unmistakable victory.



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