Dou-chu, which literally means copper-insect, is one of Hiroshima's traditional copper craft products. The name of Dou-chu is derived from a Hiroshima domain lord's remark in the Edo period about a coppersmith's eagerness to work:, "He is like a copper insect." (In Japan, such a person is called an "eager insect," instead of an "eager beaver.")

Dou-chu are copper products with a hammered-finished surface which are made with a hammer and many chisels after having been molded from a special copper alloyed plate. The products' unique red copper color is obtained by polishing the surface with oil after fuming it with straw.
The surface shows various patterns according to the way light hits the surface.

The copper craft products include souvenirs such as flower vases, ornamental plates and pen trays.



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