Processed Oysters (including ones simmered in sweetened soy sauce called "tsukudani")

Oysters, a Hiroshima specialty, are harvested from autumn through winter. However, oyster flavor can be enjoyed all year around thanks to oyster-flavored pouch-packed foods and seasonings.

Oysters, processed into food products, such as pouch-packed oyster curry with whole oysters, oyster au gratin that can be cooked by just being baked in a toaster oven, and oyster soy sauce that is made by blending decocted oyster extract with dried-bonito and kelp broth, can be brought back home.

Other oyster delicacies from Hiroshima include oyster-mamakari (a baked oyster pickled in vinegar) and bottled oysters that had been baked until giving off a savory smell and preserved in oil.



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