Iwaishima Hirasan no Ishizumi Tanada Rices Terraces

The high stone walls holding the fields up, constructed over two generations by the grandfather and father of Mr. Manji Taira (farmer) are up to 9 m tall in places, making these field retaining walls some of the biggest in Japan. Everything from boulders weighing several tons to small pebbles are stacked up perfectly, using a technique called "valley stacking" where stones are pushed into V-shaped spaces, creating an awe-inspiring sight. Selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as one of the Hundred Treasure Islands of Japan.


〒742-1401 Iwaishima, Kaminoseki-cho, Kumage-gun, Yamaguchi
Kaminoseki Town Hall Iwaishima Branch
[By Train]
Hiroshima Station to Yanai-minato Station: 1hr 20 mins via JR Sanyo Line
Tokuyama Station to Yanai-minato Station: 40 mins via JR Sanyo Line
Yanai-minato Station to Yanai Port: 3 mins on foot
Yanai Port going to/from Iwaishima: 1hr and 10 mins via scheduled boat (2 trips a day)

[By car]
From Sanyo Expressway via Kuga IC or Kumage IC, 50mins going to Murotsu
From Shimonoseki and Yamaguchi, you can also exit from Tokuyama-higashi IC and take National Route 188. On this route you can see a view of Iwaishima while driving by the coast. The scenery is breath-taking.
Murotsu going to/from Iwaishima: 40 mins via scheduled boat (3 trips a day)
There is free parking in Murotsu.