Atomic Bomb Dome (A-bomb Dome)

Best places to view the Atomic Bomb Dome from

The Atomic Bomb Dome continues to pass on the tragic lessons of the first atomic bombing in human history as a witness to history. Viewing it from a variety of angles will show it in different moods.

Place 1: From the North
The two stone memorials date from when construction work to preserve it was carried out, and when it was registered as a World Heritage site.
Place 2: From the Orizuru Tower
The Atomic Bomb Dome seen from the Orizuru Tower, with the beauty of the fresh green leaves and the two rivers.
Place 3: From the East
The Atomic Bomb Dome seen from the east. The half-collapsed wall has been left unchanged.
Place 4: From the South
The Atomic Bomb Dome seen from the south. Seeing it close-up shows the power of the destroyed brickwork.
Place 5: From the Motoyasu Bridge
Looking at the Dome from the Motoyasu Bridge over the river shows it flanked on both sides and backed by high-rise buildings that symbolize modernization.
Place 6: From the Peace Memorial Park
The Atomic Bomb Dome is popular with tourists from overseas. In spring, the Dome looks imposing rising above the blossoms.
Place 7: From the opposite of Motoyasu River
In autumn, you can view the Atomic Bomb Dome together with colorful autumn leaves.
Place 8: From the Aioi Bridge (Connecting Bridge)
You can also use the Hiroshima River Cruise or the regular Hiroshima World Heritage Sea Route that depart from the nearby Motoyasugawa Pier.
Place 9: From the Aioi Bridge
From here, you can sense the tragic history that the Atomic Bomb Dome bears by comparing it with the lush greenery surrounding it.
Atomic Bomb Dome (A-bomb Dome)



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