Iwakura Campsite and Ozegawa Hot Spring

Iwakura Campsite is located beside the Oze River, less than one hour's drive from Hiroshima and only 30 minutes to the west of the city of Hatsukaichi. With space for tents and car camping, the location is surrounded by natural beauty. In summer, the river is a popular spot for fishing or swimming, while in spring the mountains are filled with pink cherry blossoms. The campground has direct access to the Seseragi no Mori (Gurgling-stream Forest), named for the sound of the streams running through it. There are walking trails through the forest, with three courses ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes.

Five minutes by car from the campsite is Ozegawa Hot Spring, a cozy bathhouse that uses water from a nearby spring. The water is traditionally believed to cure a range of ailments, and the bathhouse lets visitors take bottles of its water as gifts or souvenirs. In addition to an indoor bath, Ozegawa Hot Spring offers traditional accommodation in Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats, and an on-site restaurant serving up local specialties. Visitors can also try udon noodles cooked in the local spring water. The bathhouse is surrounded by cherry trees, making this hidden hot spring especially beautiful in spring.




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