Find a new favorite in Hiroshima! With numerous breweries, Hiroshima is said to be one of the top three regions in Japan for fine spirits. Hiroshima is famous not only for its sake, but also for its original wines and beers.


The flavor of Japanese sake changes with the mineralization and hardness of the water used in brewing. It is said that sake made with hard water (kosui) tends to be dry. while sake made with (nansui) tends to be sweet. Most of the sake produced in Hiroshima can be classified as the latter type. Flavor varies even among different brands of sweet sake, and each brewery has its own characteristic flavor. If you talk to a shopkeeper, you will surely find brands that appeal to your taste.

The breweries in the streets of Saijo, Hiroshima, have histories that go back four hundred years. A trace of sake can be smelled in the air during the brewing season. A sake festival is held at Saijo station every autumn. Tourists flock to Saijo to try the regional sake from all over Japan or simply to enjoy the traditional cuisine.

There are numerous breweries in cities like Takehara, Mihara, and Iwakuni where the local spirits can be enjoyed. We enthusiastically recommend them to any traveling through the area.

  • Kure City

Kaigun-san no Bakusho beer is crafted from only selected German malt, hops and yeast brewed with spring water from Haigamine peak. This natural unfiltered beer is highly recommended.

  • Saka-cho
  • Sera-cho

Japanese Apricot Wine (Ume-no-Kaori)
Ume-no-Kaori is an authentically-brewed wine, named after the town tree (Ume). A pleasant, refreshing white wine with a fruity apricot flavor and a gentle sweetness.

Sera Wine
The hot days and cold nights of the Sera plateau make it ideal for fruit cultivation. Sera Wine is made entirely from grapes grown at Sera-cho.