We present a selection of seasonings such as okonomi sauce, the special sauce for Hiroshima’s famous okonomiyaki,

Okonomi Sauce
Okonomi Sauce
  • Hiroshima City

“Hiroshima okonomiyaki” is a famous Hiroshima dish, and its special sauce is called okonomi sauce. It contains spices, fruit and vegetables like apple, tomato, and onion, and is thick, sweet, and sticky. Many variations are available, like extra spicy sauce and sauce for yakisoba noodles.

Kanro Soy Sauce
  • Yanai City

Kanro soy sauce has the color and ingredients of a thick soy sauce, but is double-fermented. To make it, koji culture is added to fresh unpasteurized soy sauce, making it take over twice as long and use twice as much ingredient as ordinary soy sauce.

Seasonings (Soy Sauce and Other Sauces, Vinegar)
  • Mihara City

Besides Hiroshima soy sauce, strong soy sauce, mild soy sauce, and tamari soy sauce, there is “Umami”, a soy sauce mixed with broth made from Laus Kelp and the renowned local spring water.

“Tengu Sauce” for Okonomiyaki

“Tengu Sauce”, sold by the Nakama Brewery in Mihara City, is a ruch, full-flavored sauce with a deep sweetness, and is well loved by the local people.

Otafuku Vinegar

The “Table Vinegar” from the Otafuku Vinegar Brewery in Mihara City is a well-fermented vinegar made using spring water from a famous spring near the sake-brewing town of Saijo,

Setouchi Colatura
Setouchi Colatura
  • Hirao-cho

Setouchi Colatura is an aged fish sauce made from fine fresh Japanese anchovies from the Seto Inland Sea that are slowly fermented with salt and sake lees. It has no peculiar fish smell, but has a rich flavor and the sweet fragrance of anchovies.


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