Exploring Hiroshima

Vol.12 Souvenirs in Hiroshima
Souvenir Select "Hito to Ki" - Orizuru Tower

Trouble finding the perfect gift or souvenir from your time in Hiroshima? Look no further than Souvenir Select "Hito to Ki" on the ground floor of the Orizuru Tower. With over 1,000 diverse products from across the region, you’ll be sure to find that perfect gift.

Souvenir Select "Hito to Ki"

Before the war, the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall exhibited products and innovations from across the region. Since 1945, the broken remains of this building became known throughout the world as the Atomic Bomb Dome.

The Orizuru Tower located next to the Atomic Bomb Dome was created by Hiroshima Mazda, the dealer of Mazda cars, in 2016 as a gift to the city that helped it to recover after the devastation of war. Along with a modern observation deck and interactive exhibits relating to origami and the paper crane orizuru, the Orizuru Tower took on the role of promoting the region’s diverse range of products and innovations by creating Souvenir Select "Hito to Ki" - a gift shop on the ground floor with a selection of over 1,000 different products from all over Hiroshima.

The following are recommended products specially chosen by staff from the shop.

“Kin no Kaki, Gin no Kaki” - oysters soaked in olive oil or naturally dried

This product was selected in a competition judged by Japan’s top secretaries who are regularly asked to buy gifts for important clients and dignitaries. With no artificial additives, you can taste the rich, natural flavors of the local Hiroshima oysters.

Ginger Syrup

This was created by local farmers in Hiroshima who traditionally drank the syrup as a way to stave off colds and illnesses. All the syrups are made with Hiroshima ginger. You can mix the syrup in almost anything - be it alcoholic drinks, soy milk or even just in hot water.

Lemongue - small lemon meringues

Hiroshima is known for its citrus and these lemon meringues capture the full flavor of Hiroshima’s famous lemons. They use real lemons from the Tobishima Kaido region and limit the sugar content as much as possible. They also make strawberry, blueberry, yuzu and mikan orange meringues.

Folded Paper Cranes & Kinrandonsu Origami Fabric

The paper cranes are the most popular souvenir among overseas visitors. Each crane is hand-folded, meaning no two cranes are the same. The paper crane has long been a part of Japanese culture and today it is associated with ‘peace’. You can see the thousands of paper cranes that arrive in the Peace Memorial Park at the Children’s Peace Monument.

The Kinrandonsu fabric with woven gold thread is a traditional Japanese textile used mainly for kimonos. You can create a Kinrandonsu paper crane from this origami set. Feel free to ask the staff if you’re not sure how to fold a paper crane.

Orizuru Cosmetics Bag

Cleverly crafted out of traditional tatami lining fabric, these handmade cosmetic bags are decorated with intricate paper crane designs. This is an original item only sold at Orizuru Tower.

Souvenir Select "Hito to Ki"
1-2-1 Ootemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima-pref.

Words and Photography by Tom Miyagawa Coulton. (Visited in February 2018.)