Hiroshima KaguraHiroshima Kagura

Hiroshima Kagura Major ProgramMount Katsuragi (Tsuchigumo)

Minamoto no Raiko was ill in bed with chills and fever. His retainers, Urabe Suetake and Sakata no Kintoki, came to inquire after his health.
Raiko told them that they needn’t worry because he had sent his maid, Kocho, to the court physician. So they withdrew from Raiko’s place. Kocho came back to Raiko’s bedside and offered him the decocted medicine prepared by the court physician. When Raiko took the medicine, he felt much worse and fell unconscious. Tsuchigumo from Mount Katsuragi had disguised himself as Kocho. He had a deep-seated grudge against Raiko and plotted to kill him. At around midnight, Kocho asked Raiko how he felt, and thought now was his chance. Tsuchigumo revealed his true self and tried to kill Raiko. Raiko, however, had a celebrated sword called Hizakirimaru and slashed at Tsuchigumo, who barely escaped and ran away.
Urabe Suetake and Sakata no Kintoki heard the noise and chased Tsuchigumo, following the trail of his blood. They arrived at Mount Katsuragi and found Tsuchigumo there. After a fierce battle, Tsuchigumo was finally defeated.

Mount Katsuragi (Tsuchigumo)
Mount Katsuragi (Tsuchigumo)

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