Hiroshima KaguraHiroshima Kagura

Hiroshima Kagura Major ProgramOeyama

A demon called Shutendoji withdrew to Oeyama, a mountain range in Tanba Province, taking many of his men, including Ibaragidoji and Karakumadoji, with him. From there, they wreaked havoc in Kyoto and the nearby villages and harassed innocent people.
Emperor Ichijo ordered Minamoto no Raiko, well-known for his valor, to attack the demons. Under this command, Raiko and the famous warriors called the Four Guardians, such as Watanabe no Tsuna and Sakata no Kintoki, disguised themselves as monks and headed for Oeyama.
On their way, they asked a grass mower, Kuriki Matajiro, what was happening in Oeyama. They also met Momiji-hime, who had been kidnapped from Kyoto by the demons, and asked her to take them to the cave in which Shutendoji dwelled.
Raiko gave poisonous sake to Shutendoji and his men, pretending that it was made from the best grain in Kyoto, and made them drink it. In the end, Raiko defeated Shutendoji.


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