Hiroshima KaguraHiroshima Kagura

Hiroshima Kagura Major ProgramTakiyasha-hime

In the middle of the Heian period, Taira no Masakado rebelled against the emperor and was killed by Taira no Sadamori and Fujiwara no Hidesato. This was called the Tengyo rebellion. Masakado’s daughter, Satsuki-hime, was determined to take revenge for her father. She went to a shrine in Kifune and offered a fervent prayer for many days. On the final day of her prayer, she acquired supernatural powers from the god of Kifune and changed her name to Takiyasha-hime. She went to Sashima in Shimofusa, gathered many soldiers and rebelled against the imperial court, causing calamities in the country. Oya no Chujo Mitsukuni was ordered by the emperor and went to Shimofusa with Yamashiro no Mitsunari. Mitsukuni exercised his Yin-Yang power and finally defeated Takiyasha-hime.


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